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Oct 22Study: Reusable Plastic Containers Are Difficult to Clean

Food Safety News reports:

New research continues to demonstrate that typical cleaning doesn’t actually sanitize the reusable plastic containers (RPCs) used to transport fruits, vegetables, poultry and other foods.

Oct 13Recyclable Alternative Coatings for Corrugated Packaging Now Outpace Wax Coatings
A new study shows more corrugated boxes are shipped with recyclable alternative coatings than are shipped using traditional wax coatings for the first time since the introduction of the corrugated industry’s recyclability protocol in 2005.
Apr 15Food Quality & Safety: Minimizing Microbiological Risk in Multi-Use Containers
Dr. Trevor Suslow, a produce safety specialist at the department of plant sciences at the University of California-Davis, shares the results of recent package cleanliness studies and his perspective on minimizing the microbiological risks of multi-use containers.
Mar 26Shipping in corrugated containers saves 10.4 percent annually
A new study quantifies sizeable added costs for shipping onions from grower to retailer in reusable plastic containers (RPCs) vs. corrugated containers. Actual data provided by a large onion grower confirmed that using RPCs instead of corrugated containers increased their annual shipping costs by 10.4 percent system-wide.
Feb 25Food Safety News - Study: RPCs Harbor Bacteria Even After Being Cleaned, Sanitized
Reusable plastic containers used to transport large amounts of fruits and vegetables to grocery stores can continue to harbor potentially harmful bacteria directly on their surfaces, even after undergoing industry-standard cleaning and sanitizing, according to a new study conducted by researchers from the University of Arkansas and WBA Analytical Laboratories.
Feb 25The Produce News - New studies explore possible avenues of contamination from reusable packaging
A new series of studies conducted independently by the University of Arkansas’ Department of Food Science points to a potential avenue for contamination from bacterial residue sometimes found in reusable plastic containers.
Feb 10Study Shows Cleanliness of Corrugated Shipping Containers
Testing and analysis conducted by the University of California-Davis and toxicology experts Haley & Aldrich investigating the cleanliness of corrugated shipping containers confirmed that all corrugated containers tested met acceptable sanitation levels.