Retailers Promotion

The Corrugated Packaging Alliance (CPA) has posters and brochures available to retailers, explaining how to increase revenue and take advantage of the recyclability standard for corrugated shipping containers. The posters provide information on the corrugated industry certification mark that enables users to easily identify recyclable corrugated materials which have been treated for water and water vapor protection, including those treated with wax alternatives, and certified recyclable under the voluntary industry standard. 

In 2005, informational materials were sent to grocery retailers, fresh produce growers and shippers, and protein suppliers, to help them understand and benefit from the recyclability standard. Retailers received brochures and information on how to order free educational signage for display in areas where corrugated is sorted for recycling.  The bilingual posters provided an easy visual reference to help employees identify and sort containers that are certified recyclable and marked with a Corrugated Recycles symbol.

The standard enables retailers to maximize their OCC recycling revenues by requesting packaging that is certified recyclable. CPA is continually committed to increasing corrugated recycling even beyond the 93 percent that is currently recovered for recycling – already more than any other packaging material.

For copies of the brochure and posters, contact the CPA at 847-364-9600.